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Spoon Gathering 2014

Spoon Gallery

Welcome to the Photo Archive! The longer I continue to carve, my spoons take on more of a life of their own. Going from the classic straight handled mixing spoon, to spoons with spirals and kinks, I like to keep a record of what I have made. My apologies, these spoons are not for sale.

Experiments in Spoon Photography

In looking for a better way to display the spoons I have made, I have been experimenting with lighting and supporting objects. Some have turned out beautifully, others not so great. I liked many of them enough that I thought I should add a separate gallery.

Spoonfest 2013

My Hubby and I had the opportunity to go to Spoonfest in the UK this summer, I am finally taking the time to get a few photos up for those who were not able to be there.

Spoon Gathering 2013

I didn't get to do much carving this year (any really) but I did take as many photos as I could of everyone's work. Here they are, with few bonus photos. I am putting them up as I took them as I went around the room.

Spoon Gathering 2012

Spoon Carver's Gathering 2011

Spoon Carver's Gathering 2010

Spoon Carver's Gathering 2009

Photos taken at the Spoon Carver's Gathering in Milan, Minnesota on June 6, 2009

Spoon Carver's Gathering 2008

I wasn't able to attend the Gathering in 2008, so my In-laws went for me and took a lot of photos. Here are a few of them.

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