Spoon Care

If you are like me, you will love these handmade spoons, or any other wood spoons you own, and you would like them to last a long time. My mom had a spoon we used for everything, but sometime in the past few years she has had to throw it away. I think it was from water damage. Here is how you can avoid parting with that favorite wood spoon, bowl, cutting board, etc.

Basic Care

  1. Hand wash only. Soap and water is good but the dishwasher and or soaking spoons in water too long or too often will cause wood to draw in water and may eventually crack.

  2. If you bought a sanded spoon, and it starts to feel rough, sand with fine grit sandpaper (between 320-600), or a paper bag (which works but will take longer), or a Scotch Brite pad, to give it that smooth like new feel.

  3. If your spoon is dry, oil with food safe oil. I have been using flax seed oil, many people use mineral oil or another mix of oils and wax. Vegetable or olive oil is not recommended unless the utensils are used frequently. These oils may cause wood to go rancid. I have heard walnut oil is also a good option, but not everyone recommends it because of nut allergies.

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